Framed print of the ghost town of Guadalupe, New Mexico

  • Framed print of the ghost town of Guadalupe, New Mexico

Medium format 120 film shot of Juan Córdova’s dance hall in Guadalupe, NM. This was taken with a WOCA 120G camera with characteristic light bleeds and coloration. Signed print is 8" x 8" in a 14 5/8" x 14 5/8" handmade frame of salvaged walnut. $45.00 + $25.00 shipping.

This wonderful two-story adobe building listing precariously on the side of the road near Cabezon Peak was built around 1905. It was the home and store of Juan Córdova and it’s often said there was a dance hall behind it. However, folklorist and former resident Nasario García refers to the lower floor of this ruin as not only a store, but the dancehall itself when the occasion called for it, with Mr. Córdova’s family living upstairs. It’s hard to argue with someone that was there, so perhaps this big adobe, which once had an impressive balcony, served all purposes. However, everyone agrees that the dances at Juan Córdova’s were major events. In the 1920’s, 350 people lived in the immediate area, mostly farming and raising livestock, and these dances, which began at sundown, could go on until four in the morning. Jose Tafoya would play the accordion while his brother Luis handled the guitar.