Signed print of convent. Roy, New Mexico.

  • Signed print of convent. Roy, New Mexico.

Print size is 8" x 10" and signed.

This was once a convent and is located in Roy, in northeastern New Mexico. Roy is known as the place where Bob Wills, arriving in town in 1927, began cutting hair and inventing Western swing music. One venue he probably didn't play was this old gem, a Catholic convent that was built in 1890 and remained open until 1970.

This convent was here before Roy even existed because it wasn't until 1901 that Frank Roy and his three brothers came to the area from Canada and Frank established a post office a little to the northwest. He then moved the PO to be closer to the El Paso & Southwestern Railroad as it was laying track in northeastern NM. From there, Roy grew until the Dust Bowl arrived, dark days from which it has never truly recovered.